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Prolotherapy Pet Pain Treatment works best with dogs.

Hi, I am Dr. Fauley from the Care Animal Clinic and this is my dog Harley. Harley is a 6 year-old Golden Retriever. I would like to talk about a technique for treating pain relief for dogs, dogs being the ones that respond to this treatment the best. It is called prolotherapy. It stands for proliferation therapy. What we are trying to do is, in joints that are arthritic, in joints that have been damaged, in joints that have laxity like hip dysplasia, where there is looseness in the joint where the ball of the femur does not fit in the socket so that it slips around. What prolotherapy does is that it proliferates the tissues around the joint capsule, making the tissues thicker and therefore making the attachment much more secure so that they do not feel the looseness, the instability or the pain associated with it. Prolotherapy stabilizes, strengthens and proliferates the tissues surrounding this.

Prolotherapy Pet Pain Treatment versus  ACL Surgery

Proliferation therapy is relatively new and not many people have heard of it and hopefully we are just getting out there to a greater degree. This is a left leg joint called the stifel joint and it lines up just like that. ACL which is a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament (CCL for dogs which means cranial cruciate ligament) is a ligament that runs through this joint and stabilizes the knee joint (stifel joint). A lot of times dogs will rupture the ACL so they get this laxity, this cranial movement that becomes unsettling for the pet because they know that when they try to use that leg it slips out on them and cannot depend on it and it hurts. There are various ways of fixing the problem. One is ACL surgery (which we do here). We go in and stabilize the joint using a strong suturing technique for attachment. Or, we could do it with proliferation therapy because there is a joint capsulate that surrounds this and if we go in and stimulate that joint capsulate, it thickens it up and it makes it very sturdy again so that it is not slipping around affecting the dog’s confidence.

Prolotherapy Pet Pain Treatment is a number of injections.

Proliferation therapy is a number of injections, and it is a combination of some dextrose, some lidocane, some saline and you go in and infiltrate around the joint capsule and what happens is that you cause an acute to mild degree of inflammation around that capsule. Inflammation draws cells into the area and causes a thickening of it and when the inflammation subsides about 3 weeks later the attachments are a little bit thicker. Then 6 six weeks after the first injection, the joint is stimulated again. We use a little bit of sedation and a very thin needle so the pet does not feel anything. After 3 to 4 of these treatments you have a thicker amount of tissue holding the joint together, making it stronger. After the 4th or the 5th treatment the animals will start feeling confident about using the leg or the hips without pain or instability. This is proliferation therapy, a newer way to address chronic pain management in our pets.

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Veterinary Prolotherapy is a new non-surgical treatment. Prolotherapy works best on dogs to treat canine hip dysplasia, dog arthritis, ACL, and chronic pet pain.

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